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Finding Mutually Beneficial Debt Resolutions

For those with business debt issues, it is easy to assume that a penalizing judgment may mean the end of their business. While this is certainly possible without the proper legal representation, it is generally not the interest of the courts to achieve this. When creditors ask for a judgment, they want to actually receive all of it, which cannot be done if the judgment exceeds what the debtor is able to pay. It is in their best interest, then, to agree on a more feasible amount.

Reaching a settlement helps debtors avoid bankruptcy, while also shrinking the overall penalty or debts wanted by their creditors. Our Southfield business debt attorneys can negotiate on your behalf to reach a resolution that satisfies your interests, first and foremost, as well as your creditors’.

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Utilizing Customized Legal Strategies

Creditors tend to make aggressive actions and demand more than what is fair from their debtors. Part of this is financial penalties related to delinquent payments. What we at Goldstein Bershad and Fried, PC do to counter these actions is realistically calculate which assets are exposed to the judgment, and which are not. We also search for possible exemptions and avenues through which to protect your assets.

Success at the State & Federal Levels

We have over 100 years of combined experience in bankruptcy, debt relief, and debt litigation, meaning that we are more than capable of advocating for you in the courtroom at any level. This experience translates very well to the settlement table, as the opposition can no longer use litigation as leverage. Even at the settlement table, your interests are guarded with the tenacity of a fully talented and experienced team.

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