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Southfield Debt Collection Lawyers

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At Goldstein Bershad and Fried, PC, we know the law from both the creditors' and debtors' sides. In matters of debt collection, we have helped countless clients and businesses pursue and secure favorable resolutions to their debt collection issue. We are aggressive advocates who will find your money.

Recovering Your Money from Debtors

If you are a creditor that is experiencing resistance from a debtor over existing debt, it may take a legal intervention to recover what is owed to you. At Goldstein Bershad and Fried, PC, we are not a giant corporation that simply processes case numbers with minimal engagement with our clients. Instead, we will partner closely with your business in whatever phase of the debt collection process you are in and provide the scrutiny necessary to evaluate your borrowers' finances.

Our Southfield firm offers comprehensive debt collection services:

  • Creditor exams
  • Garnishments executions on real estate
  • Piercing of corporate veil
  • Recovery of fraudulent conveyances
  • Supplementary proceedings
  • Receiverships seizure of personal property
  • Alter-ego litigation
  • Injunctions

Debt Settlement Solutions for Southfield Residents

As the debtor you may feel stressed under your unique circumstances but there may be options for you. Our debt collection attorneys in Southfield can assist by helping you lower the amount owed by negotiating with the creditor or negotiate other terms. Different types of debts have different options, let our attorneys help you by consulting with our team at Goldstein Bershad and Fried, PC.

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    You will be in direct and continuous communication with the attorney working your case.

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    We have a reputation of excellence and are an AV-rated law firm through Martindale-Hubbell.

  • Full-Service Practice

    We also provide individuals and businesses with other non-bankruptcy alternatives and financial solutions.

  • Creative Solutions

    We represent debtors and creditors, capable of viewing debt issues from every angle.

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