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Subchapter V of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy code represents a vital provision under the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019. This subchapter was crafted to streamline the bankruptcy filing process for small businesses. It addresses the complexities and high costs associated with traditional Chapter 11 filings, making it more accessible and feasible for small enterprises facing financial challenges.

The primary purpose of Subchapter V is to remove the significant financial and procedural barriers that small business debtors often encounter in bankruptcy proceedings. This approach allows small businesses to reorganize their debts efficiently, enabling them to continue operations and preserve employment. Subchapter V aims to expedite the bankruptcy process and reduce related legal costs, which can be particularly beneficial for small businesses seeking to recover from financial distress without the overwhelming strain of a traditional Chapter 11 reorganization.

At Goldstein Bershad and Fried, PC, our lawyers deeply understand the nuances of bankruptcy laws and processes. We recognize the critical importance of restructuring debts and securing a fresh start for small businesses. Our experienced attorneys guide clients through these complex legal matters with tailored solutions and strategic counsel.

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Eligibility Requirements for Subchapter V

A small business debtor under Subchapter V is primarily a commercial entity that carries a total debt—secured and unsecured—below a certain threshold established by Congress. To qualify, at least half of this debt must have arisen from the commercial or business activities of the entity, excluding debts incurred by an individual primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. This definition ensures that Subchapter V is reserved for those genuinely engaged in business activities, needing relief from financial burdens that could hinder their operational continuity.

Benefits of Filing Under Subchapter V

Subchapter V presents a streamlined and more efficient pathway for small businesses to navigate bankruptcy compared to the traditional Chapter 11 process. This subchapter helps minimize the procedural burdens and lower the costs associated with reorganizing under the broader bankruptcy framework.

Below are the primary benefits that make Subchapter V an attractive option for eligible small business debtors.

Streamlined Filing and Plan Approval Process

One of the most significant differences in Subchapter V is the elimination of the requirement for a disclosure statement, a document traditionally used in Chapter 11 to outline the debtor's financial status and operations. This requirement often leads to disputes and delays as creditors assess the feasibility and fairness of the reorganization plan.

Instead, Subchapter V requires the debtor to provide a more focused set of documents, including a brief history of business operations, a liquidation analysis, and projections demonstrating how the debtor plans to maintain payments under the proposed reorganization plan.

Reduced Creditor Intervention

In traditional Chapter 11 proceedings, a creditors' committee may be formed to represent the interests of unsecured creditors, often complicating and prolonging the bankruptcy process. In contrast, Subchapter V does not automatically require such a committee unless specifically ordered by the court. This absence reduces the complexity and potential conflicts, allowing for a more direct and manageable negotiation process.

Additionally, under Subchapter V, the debtor does not need full creditor approval to have their reorganization plan confirmed. Instead, they must meet specific criteria set forth by the bankruptcy code, which focuses on fairness and feasibility rather than consensus, streamlining the approval process.

Enhanced Role of the Subchapter V Trustee

The court-appointed Subchapter V trustee is not involved in controlling or selling the debtor's assets but is tasked with overseeing the reorganization process. These duties include collecting and disbursing payments under the plan, helping negotiate disputes, and ensuring the reorganization plan is appropriately executed. This increased oversight helps maintain the integrity of the bankruptcy process while allowing the debtor to retain control over their business operations.

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With over 100 years of combined experience, our team at Goldstein Bershad and Fried, PC has a deep-rooted understanding of bankruptcy law. Our attorneys have guided countless businesses through bankruptcy proceedings, including Subchapter V. This wealth of experience equips us with the insights and skills to handle complex legal challenges effectively, allowing us to pursue favorable client outcomes.

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